InnoFill Pro1 Filaments

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Innofill PLA Filaments

Weight: 750 gr
Diameter: 2,85 mm
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Innofil3D polymer chemists have developed PRO1 as a high-speed engineering thermoplastic that prints as easy as PLA at speeds previously considered unusable. Yet it retains far better mechanical properties that exceed printed ABS objects, something that the most demanding users have always had to make a compromise on prior to PRO1.

By varying the print settings for this multi-purpose robust filament, users can home in on optimizing for speed, strength, surface quality or a mix of those qualities beyond performance levels of traditional filaments.

When you find yourself in an environment that requires reliable performance print after print, look no further than to increase your productivity with PRO1.

See our blog on specification here

Weight: 750 gr
Diameter: 2,85 mm

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