About Us

We are delighted to announce that in response to the growth of the 3D printing market in GB & Ire and beyond 3DGBIRE Ltd is to launch as a new company to provide dedicated service for all our customers.

In 2015 UltimakerGB Ltd took responsibility for the warranty and technical support for all Ultimaker products in GB & Ire. To ensure we looked after our community to the highest standards we created a webshop and formed a dedicated service team who can respond to customer requests within 24 hours. Our team is trained directly by the manufacturer as well as via our in-house training program ensuring top quality advise and support.

Why the change and when will it happen?

Over the last 12 months we have seen rapid growth and an increase in expectations from our community. As 3D printing and associated products become more accessible to people it is logical that more questions will arise and its great to know that there’s someone local who can help!

The dedicated team will officially launch 3DGBIRE Ltd on the 09th February 2016. You will receive invoices and correspondence etc. from this company from this date moving forwards.

For all your technical support or Ultimaker warranty questions please reach out and we will be happy to help.

Read our mission statement here